Spegilsmyndin av tær,  Er min fagrasta yrking,  Men ber skjótt at, hon hvørvir.  Tað er mítt síðsta “eg elski teg”!
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Faroese poem, translated by & voice Bergur Hanusson

Translation and interpretation of the love poem into Faroese tórshavn (Faeroese, føroyskt mál), a language of the Germanic languages group of the Indo-European languages family. Close to the Icelandic the Faroese has retained traits of the old Nordic. The Faroese language is spoken in the Faroe Islands (Denmark) by 70,000 people, islands which are are halfway between Iceland and Scotland. The written language was established in the 19th century. And since the 20th century, Faroese has gradually gained its place alongside Danish, and this in all areas of social life.
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