She dty yalloo ayns yn scaaney Yn daan s’aaley aym Agh jean siyr, t’eh goll ass She my « ta graïh aym ort » jerrinagh.
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Manx poem, translated by Rónán

A translation into Manx of my love poem (Gaelg). This Gaelic language, close to Scottish Gaelic, counts 1,500 speakers. Poem for a pretty woman of Man island, a young lady surrounded by cats without tail. The Manx is a Celtic dialect of Man island close to Irish Gaelic, including Scandinavian elements. The first text written in manx is a prayer book of 1610. Poems, tales, and popular songs form it literature. The last person to have had the manx as mother tongue is extinct in 1974. Man island, ancient viking kingdom during the middle ages, is in the irish sea.
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