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World's most translated love poem: Hieroglyphs, Mayan, Cheyenne, Whistled by researchers.

First love poem translated (since 2002) with audio voices: radios, singers! (463 translations)

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French original version
French love poem
I'm looking for translations, corrections, audios in your mother language!
Breton proverb: Beware of imitations!
If this little poetic essay, loses rhythm and rhyme in some languages, the mirror idea makes it totally international.

The woman's reflection, of this very short poem, was really untranslatable, but the idea of the reflection was!

This image is eternal!

I would that with each translation, it flies away, in the stomach of the eternity, there where, take refuge "the evaporated words"!

Whether you are poet or not, i hope that you will enjoy these four short verses, translated in "all languages". It is a world record!

Be curious and you will be surprised! All these words and audios, are in languages and ways of communication, that you certainly never heard
Poet book
If all these translations, are a very original poetic act, their number, masks an other originality, which surpasses them.

To understand all the feature of these four small verses, don't forget to have a look on the French original version.

Its specificity, to be a mirror reflection, since the poem is published in my books with a mirror symmetry"/mirror symmetry", lets it infinite translation possibilities.

This participative form is unprecedented!

In each language the "horizontal symmetry", is, and must be kept! It is indispensable! This unique characteristic gives all the meaning to my four verses.

You will just have to click on the little button under the poem to make it turn!

Whatever is your lover's language, "La Glace" is her mirror, and among its many reflections, there is inevitably one that will echo to her! Researchers have participated to translate this short poetry. International radio stations and singers, have lent their voice to say it in their mother tongues.

With almost 463 idioms, you will find:

- The interpretation, the adaptation you need, to tell her an Amerindian "I love you"! - The version in the language, the dialect or the talk of your love. - Love poems, mirrors of the original, translated in the languages of West Europe and Oceania. - Some small poems in African, Indian, and Papuan languages. - Translations into regional languages of Europe, and those of Philippines, Asia and Middle East. - Let us not forget the version of the love poem in the languages of the former Soviet Union (USSR) and Indonesia! - Informations about all these languages, sometimes about the ethnicities who speak them and the literature that they have generated. - Surprise your lover with the rare languages of the best of ... and do her smile with poetic amusements and planned languages!

Many anonymous have brought their stone to this building, and have helped me to realize this little poetic project. I say little, because nothing is great, and all remains to be constructed. Poetry is a moment that one captures. It writes, it flies away to disappear and no longer matter... and then reborn in another form. My little poem "The Poets" tries to sum it up. - But my other texts and poems, edited and translated: "Les Poètes", "Un Parfum l'Interdit", "Les Mots Évaporés", are an other story.

If you like these four little lines translated, please promote them... support love in any way... a donation or by creating links, on your blogs, and social networks! The specificity of this website, is also in the wealth of encounters, i should say impulses, because it is completely free, and it will remain so. Nothing was paid and nothing will ever be paid, everything was built on a voluntary basis, by people of various origins, who fell in affection for my 4 little verses!

If you have contact for: other translation, correction, audio, language info; write to me!
Sources: Encyclopedic dictionaries, C. Hagège, R. Breton, B. Comrie, K. Katzner, K. Brown
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