Sicilian love poem

U Specchiu

A to mmàggine'ntu specchiu

È a chiu bedda poesia

Alliestiti ca si cancella

È u me ultimu ti amo!

Translated into Sicilian by Elisabetta-Nika
Sicilian love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Sicilian love poem translated. An I love you for a Sicilian (Sicilianu), a brown reflection of a brunette with a tanned skin. This language from the Romance language group is spoken by 5 million people. In the vocabulary, the French traces are undeniable and numerous "gatto di risu" = "gâteau de riz".

The radiance of the court of Parlerme in the 13th century, will see flourish the first Italian poetic school with the Sicilians. Originally it will be many translations of the great Occitan texts, because at this court of Parlerme we want to imitate French Provence.

This inspiration will be especially about love and unlike the troubadours who are real professionals, it will remain the work of amateurs who by distancing themselves from the music that accompanies the poems of Provence, will transform their form. The father of this poetry Giacomo da Lentini is probably the inventor of the sonnet.

The other poets are: Guido delle Colonne, Iacopo Mostacci, Pier della Vigna. Later, one finds: Stefano Protonotaro, Mazzeo di Ricco as well as the king Enzo (1220-1272), Rinaldo of Aquino, and Giacomo Pugliese.


Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean, it is a volcanic island (Etna and Stromboli) located in the south west of Italy. Her poetry is like her: brown and eruptive!

Colonized by the Phoenicians 9 centuries before Christ, then by the Greeks a century later, it will be then by the Romans (-200) to be then occupied successively by the Vandals, the Arabs, the Normans, the Spaniards, the Austrians, then the Bourbons. Needless to say how much each of these occupations will have left traces in all areas including the language.

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