Wymysorys love poem


Dåj öebroz ym śpigl

Ej måj śynsty wjyrś.

Ok fjyder dih, bo dar öebroz wyt inda ny toüyn.

S'zåjn måj łecta wjytyn: Yh ho dih gon

Translated into Wilamowicean & voice Tymoteusz Wiktor Król

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The Wymysorys

Wymysorys (wilamowicean), is a Germanic language derived from high German in the 12th century. It is the language in which the poet Florian Biesik wrote his poems. The firt writings date back from 1325. If the wilamowicean succeed so many time to resist to polish and german, it's also because people of Wilamowice who speak it, during a long time marry each other. There are no more than 70 speakers in Wilamowice (Poland), descendants of Dutch, Flemish, Frisian, Walloon, French Scottish and German settlers. According to legend, these settlers were part of the repopulation wave of the region that will follow the exactions of Tatares incursions. With 70 locutors, wymysorys is therefore an endangered language.


Tymoteusz Wiktor Król, who made this translation and the audio, is in the center of the revitalization program. He teaches wymysorys and with others linguists, has gathered a lot of documentation about the language and traditions.
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