Galician love poem

O espello

A tua imaxe no espello

E o meu mas belo poema

Pero apurate, borrase

¡E o meu ultimo "amoche"!

Translated into Galician by Risa
Galician love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Galician language and literature

International love poem (Poema de amor) translated into Galician. The Hispanic reflection, of a brunette with long untied hair.

Galician (Guadramilese, Rionorês, Guadramilês, Rionorese, Autonym : Galego, Gallego) is a Romance language, more exactly anibero-Roman language, produced by the vulgar Latin, spoken in the province of Galicia, and which has 4 million speakers.

Galician is the neighboring language of Portuguese. When Galicia is attached to Castile and Leon, migrations will take place to the south and Portugal will be formed by refocusing on Lisbon. This independence will mark the break between Galician and Portuguese, two languages that will evolve each on their side.

If Galician disappeared in favor of Castilian, in the 80s it got the status of regional language and found a standard for its written form. All this gave it a bit more power.

In the Middle Ages Galician gaines a great importance, with the spread of a great number of poems, because it is used as the language of lyric poetry. In the 14th it gradually loses importance before the Castilian.

Since 1863 the date of the publication of the "Cantares gallegos" by Rosalia de Castro, the Galician knows a renaissance whose testify the works of: Pondal, Curros Enriquez and more recently Alfonso Rodriguez Castelao.

Galicia is located in the north-west of Spain bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The well-known city of Santiago de Compostela is a part of it.

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