Leonese love poem


La tua imaxe nel espeyu

Ye'l más guapu puema,

Peru, rápidamente desapaez,

Ye'l mieu cabeiru "ámute"!

Translated into Leonese by Héctor Villazala Alonso
Leonese love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Leonese dialect

The translation of my little love poem in Leonese (Llionés), a dialect spoken in Spain, León, Zamora, and in Braganca Portugal. This dialect of Ibero-Romance languages is close to asturian and mirandese.

About 50,000 people will be able to read my poem in this language, whose name comes from both from the name of the province where it is spoken and from the name of the capital of this province: León.

As for the other Romance languages of Spain, Leon, of course based on Latin words, incorporates a good number of Germanic and Arabic words due to the Visigothic and then Arabic invasions.


León is an Iberian kingdom that took this name when Ordono II established in León his capital. Ferdinand I of Castile, will add it to Castile, then the two kingdoms will be separated several times to be reunited definitively in 1230. León will lose its rank of capital.

In France, I know a "León", her family in Castile, had to be called like that because surely coming from León!

But where does she really come from? Further still, did her ancestors come from the depths of Arabia or Germany? She is for sure, like all of us, a melting pot of ethnic groups that have diverged, and then remix!

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