Nynorsk love poem


Bilete av deg i speglet

Er mitt vakraste dikt

Men vær snøgg det forsvinn

Det er mitt siste “Eg elskar deg”

Translated into Nynorsk
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Nynorsk love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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French poem

Norwegians women and Nynorsk

A Neo-Norwegian translation and a Nynorsk love poem, spoken by 10% of Norwegians. Another language, for a new translation, and its Viking reflection. ⅒ of the Norwegians women will be able to read it in Nynorsk.

The Nynorsk (Neo-Norwegian, Landsmål), is a Germanic language, built around 1900 on a set of Norwegian dialects (the least borrowed from Danish). In the middle 19th century, a movement was begun to develop a new national language for Norway distinct from Danish. Originally know as ladsmal, it is now called Nynorsk (new Norse). based on the dialects of rural Norway, Landsmål was intended to revive the tradition of old norse, interrupted in the 15th century. So now there are two languages in Norway, Nynorsk and Bokmal.

Genetics would show a link between German, Swedish and Norwegian people.

History of Norway

There is a Norwegian emigration in many countries and Norway is also a country with a growing immigration. Currently Norway is a very rich country with a large gas and oil fields discovered on its coasts.

Concerning the history of Norway, we know the Viking period that will irradiate to Greenland. Originally Norway was populated in the north by lapps who will remain isolated for a long time, the South and Southwest were occupied by Scandinavians. This Scandinavian society was dominated by peasant proprietors who commanded to a clientele of slaves of freedmen and poor, and added to agriculture the trade with the Lapps.

From the 9th to the 11th century, they set out to colonize the Shetland, Faroe, Orcades, to plunder the British Isles, to conquer the Hebrides, the north of Scotland, Man, the ports of Ireland, then Iceland and Greenland. The country will be unified by Harald 1st, in the 14th century. It will be the union of the two kingdoms Sweden and Norway. When this union will be destroyed, Norway will become a dependency of Denmark. It will return in a limited union with Sweden in the 19th, just after a Swedish invasion. In 1905 it is the break with Sweden.

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