Twój òbrôz w zdrzadle  Wierszã je mòjim nôpiãkniészim  Pòspiéj sã, bladnie  Jak „kòchóm cebie” nôslédniészé…
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Kashubian poem, translated by & voice Tomôsz Fópka

The love poem in its Kashubian translation (cashubian, cassubian, kaszubski). Kashubian is a Slavic language of the Lekhite group, rather close to the old Polish and still spoken in the north of Poland. The Kashubes would be about 250,000 to be able to understand this translation. It is an official language in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Poland, which has been severely affected by the last two world wars, is still lagging behind the major industrial countries, is only 66% urbanized and maintains a high emigration rate.
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