Vo visadge est din l'milrè C'est m'pu bia poaime Faiyè rate, y s'è va d'jeu C'est m'dérin je t'aime
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Walloon poem, translated by Pierrette Naniot

Walloon fove poem (Belgian, Wallon) for a pretty Belgian woman of Hainaut; All the reflection of the mirror of an I love you is in this Walloon poem! Walloon is the regional language of the French-speaking community of Belgium (as opposed to Flemish), probably 1.5 million people speak Walloon. The Walloon which borrowed to Dutch and German, retains more vigor than the other dialects of the Oil language. Belgium (the flat country) brings together two distinct communities that live in Flanders and Wallonia, speak two distinct languages, and between which there are often dissensions.
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