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Here my poem translated into South and Center American languages.

Mayan languages from Guatemala and of course quechua, the language of the Inca empire

Try to see the rapanui translation which is write in rongorongo!

Don't forget the shuar, the language of Jivaro people, famous head hunters!

The amerindian languages

We do not know the number of languages spoken on the American continent before the arrival of Europeans. This number was undoubtedly at least twice greater than the thousand recorded today, since, just for the languages spoken in Amazonia, in five centuries, their number must have been divided by seven (180 today).

The arrival of Europeans which will have decimated the indigenous populations by wars of course, but especially by epidemics brought with them, is the first cause of the extinction of all these languages.

If linguists classified all Native American languages into groups, as they did elsewhere in the world, the question of similarities between these languages arose. Did these common traits have the same genetic origin, or were they linked only to the borrowing of words from one family to another.

By dividing all these languages into just three large groups (Greenberg classification): 1- Eskimo-Aleut, 2- Na-Dene, 3- Amerindia, we demonstrate, as anthropology does, that the population of America would have been done in three waves of immigration. The demonstration seems clear since each of these three families presents more similarities with Asian families, than with the other two groups.

The Amerindia languages which occupy all of South and Central America, and the vast majority of North America, descend from the first wave of immigration. The Na-Dene which are located in Alaska, in west north west of Canada and in the southwest of the United States (the Navajo area on my map), come from the second wave of immigration. The Eskimo-Aleut, which descend from the most recent wave of immigration, occupy the far north of the continent.

Recent studies show: 1- that Eskimo-Aleut can be linked to the Eurasian family (Indo-European, Ouralic-Youkaguir, Turkish, Mongolian, Tungus, Korean, Japanese, Ainou, Gilyak, Tchouktchi-Kamtchadal), 2- that the Na-Dene can be put in relation with the Caucasian, and therefore perhaps attached to the Dene-Caucasian family (Caucasian, Sino-Tibetan, Yeniseian, Basque and Burushashki), 3- that Amerindia is to be linked to the Eurasian family, but in a much older time than for Eskimo-Aleut.

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