Luxembourgish love poem

De Spigel

Däi Bild am Spigel

Ass mäi schéinst Gedicht

Mee maach séier, et verschwënnt

Et ass mäin leschten "Ech hunn dech gär"!

Translated into Luxembourgish by Anthony Henner & LeFronck
Luxembourgish love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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A Luxembourgish love poem (Léift Gedicht), because if one day, chance and things, bring into your life a pretty young Luxembourgish woman, then this translation, will carry all the promises of your future.

The Luxembourgish language (Lëtzebuergesch), is a Germanic language, official in Luxembourg, which has 400,000 speakers. It is basically a dialect of German, but since Luxembourg is independent, it's considered as a separate language.

It is one of the variant of Francique. Another variant closer to the ripuaire francique, was the language of Clovis and the Franks.

One can consider the poet Hermann von Veldenz author in 1290 of an epic poem in Middle High German as the founder of the German-speaking literature of the Grand Duchy, the standardized language being non-existent.

The father of the Luxembourgish literature is undoubtedly the poet Antoine Meyer in the 19th century.

In poetry Michel Langez gives romantic verses, Michel Rodange writes "the national epic of the Luxemburgers", and if with the Luxemburgers poets Marcel Reuland, Tit Schroeder and Joseph Keup poetry takes a great rise in the 50s, it pursues the tradition with Michel Lentz and his lyrical poems.

After 1968 and despite a more marked political commitment, poets such as René Kartheiser want to free poetry from rhyme. Many authors choose the epic in verse to deal with topical subjects, including Léon Moulin and Jacques Kintzele.

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