Trégorrois love poem

Ar Mizilour

Da skeudenn ‘ba ar mizilour

‘H eo ma barzhoneg kaerañ

Hast buan ‘hat, o vont a-raok emañ

‘H eo ma «sot on ganit» diwezhañ!

Translated into Trégorrois (Tregerieg) by Tangi Yekel
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Trégorrois love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Trégorrois language

Here is the version of my little poem in Breton Trégorrois. About 40,000 people, still speak this Breton dialect. Note the metathesis that "mizilour" has undergone in Trégorrois, in comparison with "melezour" in Leonard. Trégorrois is one of the Breton dialects, spoken in the Trégor region (Bro-Dreger) ... in the northeastern Finistère and northwest Côtes-d´Armor departments.

Whatever the degree of Romanization of Armorica, Gaulish was certainly still widely practiced there, so the continentals, could certainly easily understand the new arrivals. We can say that Breton is inherited from Gaulish, as French is inherited from Latin.

We could divide the variants of Breton into two groups, an eastern or Vannetese group with Vannetais (Gwenedeg) and a western group which includes Léonard (Leoneg), Trégorrois (Tregerieg) and Cornouaillais (Kerneveg) with their variations.

Generally, the intercomprehension between all the dialects of Breton is good with especially differences concerning pronunciation and with some lexical and grammatical differences.

There are about 40,000 people speaking this dialect variant. I would like to thank Tangi Yekel of the Hent Don association, from Bégard, for this translation. Hent Don is an association dedicated to Breton Trégorrois, and also more precisely to the Trégorrois from Bégard (Bear), and in it canton.


Tréguier (Landreger) is the historic capital of Trégor, one of the nine provinces of historic Brittany. From the Middle Ages, Tréguier became a city of art: many glass painters and goldsmiths settled there.

It is also here that the Catholicon was printed in 1499: the first trilingual Latin, French, Breton dictionary. Over the centuries, the city continues to inspire men of letters and artists. Ernest Renan is an emblematic figure of Tréguier.

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