Zure irudia ispiluan  Nire olerkirik ederrena da  Baina arin ibili, desagertzen da  Nire azken maite zaitut da.
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Basque poem, translated by Gilen & Idoia Aretxa

Audio Larraitz Antzizar
This Basque love poem is your memory, you play, as pelota, with hearts of men. There are 1 million Basque speakers to understand this isolated language. Remember the Basque poem of this translation, it is a special I love you, never forget to love.

The Basque language (Euskara) is absolutely isolated. The first literary text in Basque dates back to the 16th century, but this singing people created a rich oral literature. The improvising poets (bertsolari), are certainly at the origin. Xempelar bertsolari famous in the 19th, was not afraid to defy the poet Iparraguirre. In the 20th century, the nationalist feeling encouraged the emergence of new talents such as the poet Basarri, but also Uztapid more classical and Xalbador more austere. The song remains privileged in the Basque oral literature, the song of Bereterretxe has an undeniable literary quality. For the written literature the two poems on Euskara of a moralist poet, particularly illustrate the defense of the Basque language. The romanticism in the 18th century leaves palpable traces through two poets, Topet-Etchahun, who sings his misfortunes in its poems and Jose Maria de Iparraguirre who exalts the patriotic fiber. Poetic contests develop and new talents such as Oxobi, Lauaxeta, Lizardi and Orixe born, bringing poetry to unprecedented heights. After the second world war, the classical poems of Iratzeder, Aresti and Lete wonder anxiously.
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