Dy adlewyrchiad yn y drych Yw fy ngherdd frafaf Ond brysia, mae e ‘n treulio Fy « rw i ‘n dy garu di » olaf ydy ef.
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Welsh poem, translated by Rónán

Welsh love poem for all women of Wales. The Welsh (Cymraeg, gymraeg) is one of the British languages ​​and has 700,000 speakers. I would that "la Glace" with its 4 small entangled lines, returns to the Welsh women, the poem of their pretty faces. Welsh is a survival of the Celtic language spoken in Britain before the Roman occupation. It remained in the mountainous regions, resistant to Anglo-Saxon invasions. Welsh literature begins after the departure of the Romans, and the bards sing the exploits against the Picts, the Scots, and the Saxons, the epic poem of Gododdin is attributed to the bard Aneirin. The works of these early poets are on manuscripts written in the 12-13th century. It is in the Welsh saga that the figure of King Arthur appears. These Welsh bards were official poets at court and formed a caste. This poetry goes into decline under Edward I and literary activity takes other forms. The linguistic resurrection of the 18th and romanticism, through authors, will do rediscovey the country, but despite the support of associations Welsh literature is only in survival. The greatest Welsh writers are English-speaking: Herbert, Traherne, Powys, Machen etc.
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