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The Philippines are also an important reservoir of languages.

My favorite goes to the kapampangan (pampangan), which I was sent in its old script.

Translations into languages of Philippines! Is it in this beautiful archipelago that she inhabits!

Audio: cebuano, tagalog, ilokano, ilonggo.

A little history of Philippines

History of Philippines is ancient. First, one finds an important Neolithic culture that overflows largely protohistory. And there are many sites showing very ancient objects, with traces of occupation, that date back to the Pleistocene.

The Bronze Age calls for rapprochement with those of Indonesia and Indochinese peninsula. In a later phase, that's objects from southern China which are found. The witnesses of contacts with the Indian world are very rare: a single golden plate (an Indonesian work) representing a Gududa, sometimes attributed to the art of Srivijaya.

The archipelago will be populated by successive waves, by Negritos, then by Indonesians (-8th to -3th), then by Malays (-2nd to 13th) coming by the sea. It will passes under the successive suzerainty of Malay thalassocracies Of Srivijaya and Majapahit. The decadence of the latter will coincide with the arrival of Islam in the Sulu Islands, then Mindanao. In 1491 Sayyid Abu Bakr organizes a sultanate in Sulu.

Then it will be the arrival of the Spaniards with Magellan.

Since the 9th century, exchanges organizes between the archipelago and China. Chinese communities settle in the islands. The archipelago trades with Japan, Cambodia, Champa, Annam, Siam and Insulinde.

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