Limburgish love poem


Kik toch wi sjaun, ze gezich èn m'n vinster!

Me sjunste gedich dat bès dich.

MÊ spoej dich, vérei 't wir voertgeet

Ên nauts mei "m'n liefste, m'n liefste van mich!"

Translated into Limburgian & voice Patrick
Limburgish love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Limburgish language

Love poetry into limburgish language (Limburgs Limberger, Limburgian, Limburgic, Limburgan, Limburgs Plat, Autonym : Lèmburgs) for all women of the limburg provinces, in Flanders (Hasselt) and Netherlands (Maastricht). These limburgian verses, comes from Bilzen, a city between Hasselt and Maastricht. Limburgish is a Lower-Frankish language with 1.6 million speakers.

Limburgs is a West Germanic (Lower Francic) language, whose name comes from the city of Limburg and from the name of its duchy in the Middle Ages. A duchy and a linguistic area currently divided in two, on both Belgium and Holland.

First Writings

We owe to the Limburgish poet Heinrich van Veldeke (12th), the oldest texts in Flemish. These are courteous romances and hagiographies, the Legende Van Sint Servaes and the Éneit (his masterpiece). Although in a fairly pure diets, Van Veldeke's writings are still very close to German. He is part of the poets of the spring of minnesang. Minnesänger who sings courtly love, is the German equivalent of troubadour (oc) and trouvère (oil) French.

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