Flemish love poem

De spiegel

Uw beeltenis prijkt in de spiegel,

Gij zijt mijn schoonste gedicht.

Maar haast u, 't wordt wazig,

Mijn laatste "Mijn liefste'!" is in zicht!

Translated into Flemish & voice Patrick

Original version
Poem the mirror

Flanders's girls and their language

Flemish (Belgian Dutch, vlaams), a low-francique dialect for the reflection of the Flanders's girls. My poem is into Flemish to read, in the face, hair and eyes, of the Flemish girls, all the translation of love.

Flemish is a regional language based on Dutch, official in Belgium, and spoken in the northern half, by about 6 million people, that mean half population of Belgium. Flemish is spoken in the region known as Flanders, whose people are called Flemings and whose name for their language is Vlaams. That's also the most spoken dialect in Netherlands (13 million).

In Flanders

If Flemish is composed of four dialectal groups, in the 19th century there was a written language, the hoog-vlaams (Flemish raised), which spread through the press and literature, including Henri Conscience, but with the aim To replace French as a language of culture, a whole propaganda deployed at the end of the 19th has generalized the use of Dutch.

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