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Your girlfriend lives there, far away, she is waiting for you ... Here for her:

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History of Indonesia

A small ancient history of Indonesia:

There is a human presence on the island of Java for a very long time, the human fossils discovered in the Pleistocene of Java proofs it. There is also an important development in the Neolithic and then later it will be the pre-eminence of the important Dong Son civilization. Its Hinduism (4th-5th) is attested by the Javanese legend of Aji Saka and the discovery of images of Buddha and inscriptions. The first Hindu monuments are the sivaites sanctuaries of the plateau of Dieng.

A real state appears in 732 with King Sanjaya. First divided into small kingdoms, Indonesia sees in the 7th century, the predominance of the Buddhist kingdom of Srivijaya (crivijaya), a thalassocracy which, centered in South Sumatra, extends perhaps as far as Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Cambodia, in any case reigns in Java until the Malay peninsula. In the 9th century, dominates the Sailendra dynasty, which left many monuments in the center of the island (Barabudur). The kings of the eastern part of Java quickly dispute supremacy in Srivijaya, especially King Airlanga (1019-1049).

After his death the kingdom of Singasari is formed in eastern Java, whose last ruler, Ketanagara (1268-1292), looks for conquer the south of Sumatra. But by his hostility towards China, he encourages Emperor Mongol Kubilay to send an expedition (1292), which arrives in Indonesia after the death of the sovereign. Finally, the son-in-law of the deceased, Raden Vijaya, drives out the Mongols, founding the maritime empire of Majapahit, which will dominate the archipelago for more than two centuries. If the Mongol invasion has failed, it leaves behind, soldiers or shipwrecked sailors, who will constitute the embryo of the Chinese colonization in the archipelago.

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