Venetian love poem


Ja to imaginé nel specio

Xé la mia piu bella poéxia

Ma fa presto xé cancéae

Xé el mio ultimo té amo

Translated into Venetian by Annarita
Venetian love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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French poem

Venetian woman

Venetian love poem (Venet), translated as gondolier or goldoni, which reflects, the romantic walks along the great canal. What could be more romantic as a language for love than Venetian. Perhaps, a ride in a gondola through the canals of this lakeside city. She will choose!

Venetian is of course a Romance language with some substrates coming from Venetic.


Venice the marvelous city of lovers, the Doge's city, was built over the water in the lagoon. It remains by its wealth its architecture and its history one of the most beautiful human achievements. What's more romantic than my poem translated into Venetian, perhaps a gondola ride along the canals of this water city. She will choose!

It was to flee the Lombard and Ostrogoth invasions that the local populations, to take refuge, went to plunge into the coastal marshes. There they created Venice, the marvelous, (c. 421). The city which will become the capital of the Republic of Venice will expand and shine for many centuries during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The city of the Doges, a maritime power of primary importance, will shine by occupying a leading role for centuries. Besides trade and exchanges with the most distant countries, Venice it's also the 4th crusade, the battle of Lepanto, Veronese, Goldoni, Vivaldi and Marco Polo.

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