S'irmazine toa in s'àstra Est sa pius bella poesìa mia Ma lèstra si bùrrat Comente in s'urtimu t'amo mèu !
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Sardinian poem, translated by Alessandro

You are Italian but your language is Sardinian. Poem for the love of a pretty brunette. Your hair is worth to them alone to have translated for you in Sardinian this pretty little poem. Sardinian, the regional language of Sardinia, is a Romance language spoken by 1.4 million people. Of all the Romance languages, the Sardinian is the one that remained closest to vulgar Latin but underwent Catalan and Spanish influences. Of the 4 dialectal areas one considers the Logoudorian as the most specific, it is at the base of the "illustrious sardo" used by popular poetry. Sardinia is an island in the south of Corsica with a special status in relation to Italy to guarantee its cultural heritage.
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