Leonard love poem

Ar melezour

Ur melezourad ahanout

Eo va braoa barzoneg

Hogen, gra difrê p'ema dija o vont da get

Ar wech ziweza eo din lavared dit "em eus choa ouzit"!

Translation into standard Leonard Gwenael
Leonard love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Leonard language

Here from the country of Leon (bro Leon), in northern Finistère my little love poem translated into Leonard (Leoneg, Brezhoneg Leon), and here more precisely as it is spoken in the Lower Léon near Saint-Thonan!

Leonard is the best preserved Breton dialect, and the one that has lost the least its internal consonants.

If we add together the speakers of Leonese (Upper and Lower Leon), we consider that this south-western Brittonic language, derived from Old Cornish and Welsh, with contributions from Gaulish, is spoken by around 30,000 speakers.

Léon and Saint-Pol-de-Léon have long been lands of religion, so it is a region where Breton is spoken, in which many religious works have been written.

Today, it is mainly from this variant of the Breton dialects, that the standard form of Breton was created. This is this Standard or Literary Breton, which is taught in the Diwan schools.

Country of Léon

The country of Léon (bro Leon) is one of the four parts of Lower Brittany, Breton speech areas. It roughly represents the northern half of the department of Finistère. The lion from which Léon may derive its name, has become the emblem of this province.

Upper Léon saw the arrival of the first Bretons, who came from present-day Cornwall and Wales from the island of Brittany. Its outstanding figure, Saint Pol Aurélien who came frome Wales to evangelize Brittany, is famous for having defeated the dragon on the island of Batz.

Still today, in the west of the island, a place is called "le Trou du Serpent" (Toull ar Zarpant).

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