Piedmontese love poem


L to rifles al spech

Ale la mia poesia' pi bela

Date n'andi che a va via,

Ale' l me ultim at voi bin !

Translated into Piemontese & voice Mauro Chiado

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Poem translated into Piedmontese (Alto Piemontese, Basso Piemontese, High Piemontese, Low Piemontese, Piemontese, Autonym : Piemontèis).

The Piemontese is a Gallo-Italic language spoken in Italy in the Piedmont region by 2 million people.

In Italy, even if it is on the Florentine that modern Italian dialects have been built, today the dialects still maintain a certain vigor.


Piedmont is located in the north-west of Italy bordering France. Its history is marked by numerous invasions, annexations, Turin is the capital.

Victor Emmanuel II, born in Turin, 1st king of Italy, realizes the Italian unification, he will continue to use Piedmontese during his ministerial councils.

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