Burushaski love poem


Uney Guskil Ainawolo

Uyontzum Daltas Ja Ghar Bila

Ama' Boot Z'iga Aqaishila

Gutey Ja Fash'ulum Ghar Bila ..."Shul Ba Un Ja"

Translated into Burushaski by Ali Sultan
Burushaski love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Beautiful association & Burushaski

"Shul Ba Un Ja" remains for me the most beautiful association of words in this language. The most beautiful, especially when we hear her, to sussure it in our ear! This Mišáski love poem is for her!

The Burushaski (the possible other names : Burushki, Hunza, Khajuna, Kunjut, Nagar, Nagir, Biltum, Brushaski, Burucaki, Burucaski, Burushaki, Werchikwar, Yasin, Brooshaaski, Autonym : Mishāski or Mišáski “our language”).

Burushki is perhaps a language to link to the Caucasian languages, but for many it is an isolated language, which retains a real interest for linguists, since it remains impossible to link it to another language.

Burushaski is spoken in the Hunza, Nagar, and Yasin valleys, in northern Pakistan, and in the south of Wakhan and Chinese Turkestan, by about 90,000 speakers.

The Yasin variety is quite different from the 2 others (Hunza et Nager). Formerly this language was spoken on a larger territory (Dras, Baltistan, Ponjal).

The bourouchaski remains a lively language and for many speakers it is the only language. Bourouchos, when they are bilingual, speak Khowar, Shina or Duumaki.

The first study of the language is due to Lorimer in the 30s, the most recent is from Berger (grammar and dictionary).

It is probably a remnant of some prehistoric language community oblitaread by successive invasions.

The Burushos

The Burushos, about 90,000, inhabit the states of Hunza and Nagir in the mountains of Karakoram, they speak several dialects of this language, which are close to each other.

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