Uney Guskil Ainawolo  Uyontzum Daltas Ja Ghar Bila  Ama' Boot Z'iga Aqaishila  Gutey Ja Fash'ulum Ghar Bila..."Shul Ba Un Ja"
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Burushaski poem, translated by Ali Sultan

The poem translated into Burushaski (burushki), perhaps to link to the Caucasian languages, for some others an isolated language. The Burushos, about 85,000, inhabit the states of Hunza and Nagir in the mountains of Karakoram, they speak several dialects of this language, which are close to each other.

"Shul Ba Un Ja" remains for me the most beautiful association of words in this language. The most beautiful, especially when we hear her, to sussure it in our ear!
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