Sena love poem


Ngkope yako pa supeio

Ndi kulonga kuanga piadine

Naku cinguiza ysa thawa

Nja ku malissira kuanga "ndi sakufuna maningue"

Translated into Chisena by Fátima Sacur
Sena love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Sena language

Little French love poem translated into Sena language (the alternatives : Shena, Chisena, Gorongosa, Podzo, North Sena, Shiputhsu, Puthsu, Cisena, Cipodzo, Caia, Chipodzo, Sangwe, Bangwe, Phodzo, Chirue, Sare, Gombe, Care, South Sena, Rue).

Perhaps 2 million speakers in Mozambique and Malawi. A small translation into a Bantu nyasa language of Mozambique, for some African poetic pleasures.

Several dialects are listed such as podzo and rue It is mainly in the central region of Mozambique that this language is found. The sena spoken in Malawi is considered by some to be different.


From the 10th century, there is a significant trade of ivory and possibly gold in Mozambique.

The kings were the organizers of this trade. The discovery in Manekweni of a site of a stone-built capital, testifies, to the presence in the lowlands of the center of the country, a civilization comparable to that of Zimbabwe. The country is already prosperous when the Portuguese arrive.

During the 17th century. The supremacy of Monomotapa fades: The Barwe realm emerges; And, above all, the Butwa on the Rhodesian plateau becomes a serious threat. In 1864 his king defeats the Monomotapa and secures the supremacy of the whole Zimbabwe's plateau, and of the gold producing zone.

The Portuguese then move their facilities north of the Zambezi. It is not until 1975 that the independence of the country is proclaimed.

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