Ngkope yako pa supeio  Ndi kulonga kuanga piadine  Naku cinguiza ysa thawa  Nja ku malissira kuanga ndi sakufuna maningue
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Sena poem, translated by Fátima Sacur

Little French love poem translated into Sena language (chisena, cisena, shena). Parhaps 2 million speakers in Mozambique and Malawi. A small translation into a Bantu nyasa language of Mozambique, for African poetic pleasures. Several dialects are listed such as podzo and rue It is mainly in the central region of Mozambique that this language is found. The sena spoken in Malawi is considered by some to be different.

The structure of African oral literature is primarily mnemonic. This structure consists essentially of a rhythm, which itself depends on the nature of each African language. It is therefore very difficult to transcribe texts that exist in a multidimensional space. Literature is usually read, but African oral literature is lived. Despite the publication of the "African classics", we must resign ourselves to know the African oral literature only with its least specific aspect. However, we should remember the richness of the genres: epics, poems, myths, entertainment sung and theater. Unfortunately, despite the scholarly interest of grammarians and anthropologists, the fate of this oral literature is linked to the social and economic transformations of Africa. "An old man who dies is a library that burns," says Amadou Hampaté Ba.
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