Nkhope yako pa kalilole  Ndiye ndakatulo yokometsetsa kwa ine  Koma fulumila imasowa  Ndiye ndimakukonda wanga omaliza
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Chichewa poem, translated by Norah Blantyre, Malawi

Poetry in its chichewa tanslation (chewa, nyanja, chinyanja), from Malawi of which it is one of the official languages. This Bantu language is also spoken in Zambia (official language also), and in Mozambique by more than 10 million people.

The Chewas (Cewas) are a population of the Central Bantu family, belonging to the group of companies known as Maravi. Most of the cewas are farmers. They are organized in matrilignages with generally uxorilocale residence, and practice the preferential marriage with the patrilateral cross cousin. Hereditary chiefs with authority over several villages carry out functions, both military and religious (rain mastery). The Chewas are not the only ones to speak nyanja, since it is found on three countries.
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