Hehe love poem


Mwigigi gwangu gulimkilole

Utunzi wangu lunofu

Wangufye ukimbile uyaga

Wivamwisho "kukwenda"!

Translated into kihehe by Joyce Mataruma Wakete

Original version
Poem the mirror

An Hehe woman

Love poem translated into hehe (kihehe, ekiehe, ehe), a Bantu language of Tanzania. I have never meet a girl of this ethnic group, but i dream about her in nice coloured clothes. In my dream she dance around the campfire, in the sound of the drums. "Kukwenda" pretty Hehe!

The Hehes

About 900,000 Hehes speak this language in the regions of Iringa and Dodoma. The name Wahehe seems to come from their war cry, which has caused them to be called so by the neighboring tribes. The Hehes were steppes hunters who today cultivate cassava and millet. Their social organization depended a lot of an unilinear filiation system with a masculine tendency, which made the woman a person relatively foreign to the group. During a long time, they contracted, with the neighboring ethnic groups non-aggression alliances that were based on the beer pact ritual.

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