Isura yawe mu ndorerwamu  Nicyo gisigo cyanjye cya mbere kiza  Ariko gira vuba idasibika  Kuko ariyo ndagukunda yanjye ya nyuma
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Kinyarwanda poem, translated by Berthine

Love poem translated into Kinyarwanda (ruanda, kinyaruanda, rwanda, runyarwanda), a Bantu language with 15 million speakers. Poem translated into one of the national languages of Rwanda also spoken in Uganda and Burundi.

Rwanda (Ruanda) is a state of Central Africa, and the only country in Africa to have a common language to its entire population. If the Ruanda has been inhabited since prehistory, its history begins in the 14th century, with the Banyiginya dynasty. For nearly five centuries it gradually extended its authority to a territory that overflowed the frontiers of colonization. The country is then divided into districts each with a royal residence and managed by two chiefs, a Hutu for the land and a Tutsi for the pastures. Hutus (84%) are Bantu and farmers, Tutsis (15%) are Nilotic pastoralists.
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