Ndebele love poem


Umufanikiso wako hisibuko sami

Hibuhle wesaga lami

Yenza masinya kuyanyamalala

Yikugcina kwami ukuti ngiyakutanda!

Translated into Northern Ndebele by Emma

Original version
Poem the mirror

A Matebele woman

My short love poem is translated into Northern Ndebele to try to seduce one of the Matebele girl of Zimbabwe. I hope that one day, she will "fall" on it, i said "fall" because i would so much to catch her in my arms.

This little Northern Ndebele poem which smells all the African savannah, is a mysterious mirage for us, the Westerners, a mysterious mirage that only Africans dominate.

Matebeles and Sindebele

This Nguni language which is one of the 16 officials languages of Zimbabwe. Sindebele (Isinde'bele, Ndebele, Northern Ndebele, Zimbabwean Ndebele, Tabele, Tebele), is not far from Zulu because Matabele (Zimbabwean Nedebele) are descendants of Zulu people and there language is one of the rares languages with clics. In the 19 century a zulu group moved to the north, in the actual Zimbabwe, and founded an independent state. Their king and capital were respectively Lobengula and Bulawayo. Matebeles are a melting pot of differents people mixted with the first group of zulus people.

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