Sa hao seriti ka seiponeng saka  ke thothokiso yeo ke e ratang ka ho fetisisa  Feela, le ha e e nyamelle  Ke yaka ya ho qetela keya o rata
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Sotho poem, translated by Caroline Brown

Love poem translated into Southern Sotho (Sesotho), the national language of Lesotho and an important language in South Africa. The Sesotho is a Sotho Tswana language Bantu nigero-Congolese of the south of Africa spoken by 5 million Africans.

Sothos or Basutos like many groups in Africa, express their traditions and culture through dance and singing. The northern Sothos are called the Pedis, they are attached to the southern Bantu. Farmers and raisers, the Basutos live in small hamlets (kraals). Patrilineal and patrilocal, they are integrated into a formerly conquering state and stratified into social classes.

Let this poem sotho (sesotho) touch the heart of the prettiest woman of their tribe.
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