Omuzire woje motjiritarero  Omiimbo uandje omuua tjinene  Nu hakahana majezengi inga  Omasenina jandje ami mbekusuvera
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Otjiherero poem, translated by Vivian T

Audio Alfonsia Kaupeua
Love poem translated into the herero language of Namibia (Hereroland) and also of Botswana and Angola. This Bantu language is spoken by the Herero people, They will be 100,000 to be able to understand my little poem in otjiherero (herero, helelo, ochiherero, ovaherero).

The Hereros are pastors, whose whole life is determined by the search for pastures. They revolted in 1896 and 1904, and were decimated by the Germans, which provoked Erzberger's opposition and the government coalition break-up.
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