I ndindji chawè ghou tso iyina  Lé ni li bighe lèmiè la mbouli  To sa na moukassa ndè guè dima dima  A li libighè lèmè la machikela mè tondo wè
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Nzebi poem, translation

Njebi love poem (nzebi, njabi), the language of the nzebi people mainly in Gabon and Republic of Congo. A nzebi poeytry in the Bantu language of a pretty Gabonese, and for all the girls of this ethnic group. 100,000 people will understand this nzebi poem.

The nzebis in their mythology would be the descendants of Kengue and Manondzo, As for their ethnic origin, it would be near of Congo Brazzaville. African art is resolutely figurative and representative, and the most frequently depicted motif is the human person: ancestral statues and masks, temporary asylums for the spirit of the deceased or simple commemorative images, depictions of deities to which prayers and Sacrifices are addressed. In countries of oral tradition, as are the countries of Black Africa, it is not surprising that the safeguarding of the transmission of a part of the historical data, of which other peoples have ensured the permanence by The written text, have been entrusted to art objects.
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