Tshinepe tshanu kha tshivhoni,  Ndi tshirendo tshanda tshavhudisa,  Mara, tavhanyani ngauri tshi ya phinyela,  Ndi zwanga zwauri ndi ya ni funa
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Venda poem, translated by Khuliso Muthige

Poetry translated into tshivenda (chivenda, venda, luvenda). Bantu language, official in South Africa and Zimbabwe for a total of 1.4 million speakers.

The Vendas of the Bantoustan Venda, live in an state became "independent" in 1979, located in northern South Africa and created to collect those people who originally came from the Congo. The Vendas or Bavendas are livestock breeders and farmers. Their livestock have an essential role in all their transactions, particularly in matrimonial exchanges. They are grouped in villages centered on a square, and in quarters (kraals). They are divided into patrilineal and patrilocal lineages, and also into matrilineages whose function is relative to ancestor worship.
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