Ubuso bakho yisibuko  Ubuhle besaga sami  Shesha ngoba kuzo nyamalala  Yikugcina kwami ukuthi ngiyakuthanda
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Southern Ndebele poem, translated by Fadzi M

New African translation: The poem in southern ndebele (nrebele), coming directly from the Transvaal of South Africa. The isindebele is a Sotho-tswana language which counts about 1 million speakers of this the Ngunis people branch installed in the transvaal in the 16th century.

The Ndebele or Matabele, are Bantu from southern Africa. We must differentiate those of Zimbabwe, those Rhodesia and those of the Transvaal; They have assimilated many foreigners, sothos and shonas. They are farmers and breeders, and sedentary. They are distributed in dispersed concessions (kraals) corresponding to the polygynic family, although the aristocracy once inhabited fortified villages. They are patrilineal and patrilocal, and the important matrimonial compensation is made in cattle. The Ndebele are constituted in stratified state, influenced by the Zulu model, including slaves, characterized by its territorial expansion and by age classes organized into regiments. They are known for their art, for example their painted houses, which are a way of culturally resisting the Boers.
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