Ishusho yawe mu cirore  N'umwivugo wanje mwiza cane  Ariko girabwangu itarazimangana  Niyo ndagukunda yanje yanyuma!
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Rundi poem, translated by Christine

Audio Vanessa
The love poem translation into kirundi (also called rundi, roundi) a language very similar to Kinyarwanda, both are inter-comprehensible. This Bantu language ruanda rundi official in Burundi with French is spoken in Central Africa by 13 million people! Kirundi, which is the language of the Hutu, was adopted by other ethnic groups.

The Rundis (Barundis), are the Bantu population that gave its name to Burundi. They are culturally close to the Ruandas, and are farmers and herders (Nilotic influence). Patrilineal (filiation mode for which paternal kinship alone exists), and patrilocal (residence mode of the couple, the woman coming to live in the family of her husband), organized in segmental lineages, they live in scattered family hamlets. They present a complex state organization, placed under the aegis of a "divine king".
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