Tonga love poem


Bushu bwako mu chimboni-mboni

Ndo lwiimbo lwangu lubotu

Pele, kofwamba nolutana mana

Ndwama maninino "Ndila Kuyanda"

Translated into Chitonga & voice Lydia Chaba

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Tonga language

A translation for a Tonga (Chitonga, Batonga, Zambezi, Leya, Mala, Plateau Tonga, Sanjo, Shanjo, Southern Tonga, Toka, Twa of Kafwe, Valley Tonga, We, iciTonga) love poem, one of the official languages of Zimbabwe, also spoken in neighboring Zambia. This chitonga poetry is in the language of the Tonga ethnic group, 1% of the poplulation, which live around Lake Kariba. 1.4 million tongas (batongas) speak it as a lingua franca, some are also in Malawi.


Zimbabwe (ex Southern Rhodesia), a multi-racial country: black, white, half-breeds, Hindus, born of purely colonial circumstances, and little disposed by its relief to centralization, is traditionally divided. The germ of colonization resided in the discovery of gold vein. Besides gold it is a country rich in nickel, platinum, chromite.

Its peak at the Great Zimbabwe time (1400), and the Monomotapa Empire, in addition to gold was linked to copper and ivory. One finds in Zimbabwe the oldest structures of sub-Saharan Africa. You have to visit the magical ruins of the Great Zimbabwe Acropolis.

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