Kiyamu kyavo kilolenyi  Utungaji woko wo mwisho  Ila nyi owinyi mnu ireka  Nkya mwisho ngakukunda
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Chagga poem, translated by Dotcho

Love poem translated into chagga, the Bantu language of the chaga people (kichagga, wachagga or dschagga) in Tanzania and Kenya. My poem in chagga (chaga, kichagga, kimochi, kimoshi, moshi, mosi, old moshi) could be understood by 700,000 people. This tribe, melting pot of various groups coming to the foot of Kilimanjaro, uses ingenious systems of irrigation in terraces, which sometimes earned them the nickname of Asiatic of Africa, and cultivates mainly cotton, coffee arabica, bananas and cereals. Their culture is rich in traditional musical instruments, drums and flutes, which they fashion with art, and use in joyful festivals made of dances. Their oral traditions made of legends are rich and varied.
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