Bembe love poem


Kiziri kia yé mu tal’tala

Mu kunga me wu vuri bubwé

Lo, sa ma wassu, be yi zimb’ri

A ho lo ya ma nsukini, ni kutiri

Translated into Kibembe by Djess dia Moungouansi
Kiziri kia yé mu tal’tala Mu kunga me wu vuri bubwé Lo, sa ma wassu, be yi zimb’ri A ho lo ya ma nsukini, ni kutiri

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Pretty young Congolese

Bembe (ibembe, kibeembe, beembe), there is all the African reflection in this Bantu language. Bembe language, from the south of the Republic of Congo, in one of the many languages of Africa. Perhaps 200,000 babembes living on Bouenza coast, and of the Kongo ethnic group, speak this language.

The Bembes

The Bembes are less numerous than Kongos and Tekes since they represent only 1% of the population. In 1950 the creation of the journal "liaison", was an awareness and a rehabilitation of the Congolese culture. It was a forum for many writers, Paul Lomami-Tshibamba, Antoine Letembet-Ambily, Jean Malonga, Sylvain Bemba and others. For poets wof t only 1/ n oean M-Baptiste Ti-poLth ard "ems/ff the Cosea",ekeoilipe Obea, Saloxime N'Debekand of thcrnase Ticheaya U Tim'Si,hcrnsidered today asne of the magatioestfrican reets wf trench poexesensn. InEmny uel Dga, l Samn Mwlipe,epresent oshe manovel wi:25 "A riectn onhd oandeetsmn ohe popucket". T Republic of Congo, ihe por mrouongo, Brazzavilctn a focanhnd ofmturithnic gruntry" It waisne of the magatio oilropeducerff the CoGulff toGuineadiv>
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