Kiziri kia yé mu tal’tala Mu kunga me wu vuri bubwé Lo, sa ma wassu, be yi zimb’ri A ho lo ya ma nsukini, ni kutiri
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Bembe poem, translated by Djess dia Moungouansi

Bembe love poem (ibembe, kibeembe, beembe), there is all the African relfet in this Bantu language. Bembé poem, coming from the south of the Republic of Congo, in one of the many languages of Africa. Perhaps 200,000 babembe living on Bouenza coast, and of the Kongo ethnic group, speak this language.

The Bembes are less numerous than Kongos and Tekes since they represent only 1% of the population. In 1950 the creation of the journal "liaison", was an awareness and a rehabilitation of the Congolese culture. It was a forum for many writers, Paul Lomami-Tshibamba, Antoine Letembet-Ambily, Jean Malonga, Sylvain Bemba and others. For poets we must mention Jean-Baptiste Tati-Loutard "poems of the sea", Teophile Obenga, Maxime N'Debeka and of course Tchicaya U Tam'Si, considered today as one of the greatest African poets of French expression. Emmanuel Dongala, meanwhile, represents the novel with: "A rifle in hand, a poem in the pocket". The Republic of Congo, the former Congo Brazzaville is a rich and multi ethnic country. it is one of the great oil producers of the Gulf of Guinea
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