Comorian love poem


Lé Pica lahaho udo'oni

Hohangu ndo dJé ma la shaayiri

Sha pveza ba nga lizimihawo

Ndo "ngam hwandzo" yamusso ya hangou

Translated into Comorian & voice Touhoufa Abdou

Original version
Poem the mirror

Comorian beauty

Comorian version of the international love poem "La Glace" (Ngazidja, Ngazija, Shingazidja). Comorian poem mirror of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. Ngazidja, Moili, Ndzouani: Are not poetic these three words? There is so much poetry in the beauty of the Comoros! The Shimasiwa as the Comorians call it (the language of the islands) is close to Swahili, with borrowings from Portuguese, Arabic, English and French. A total of 900,000 people in the Diaspora and in the Comoros speak one of its dialects (Mahorese, Mohelian, Anjouanese or Great-Comorian).


Comoros to NW of Madagascar are very densely populated by very mixed populations (African, Arab, Persian, Malay, Malagasy). Industrial resources are virtually non-existent, and the country's population has few land, which explains the high immigration to Zanzibar, Madagascar and Mayotte, which has chosen to be french.
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Maore poem - Swahili poem
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