Kírúrú gíaku gícicioiní,  Ní thimo yakwa thaka.  No wíhíke níyúraga.  Ní yakwa ya múico, ningwendete
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Gikuyu poem, translation& voice Nelly Kamau

Translation of my love poem into Kikuyu language (gikuyu, kikouyou), understood by 8 million speakers. This Bantu (Niger-Congolese) vernacular language, which includes several dialectal forms, is spoken in Kenya by the Kikuyu ethnic group.

The kikuyus who inhabit the Kenyan highlands are traditionally bean and millet growers, and now devote themselves to coffee and tea. Their social organization rests on clans and patrilineal lineages with great genealogical depth, corresponding to territorial units. Domestic groups are gathered in villages, forming a district governed by a board of elders. They are also structured into initiation age grades, defining a status that covers the whole of individual life. Age and generation classes are the two essential institutions for tribal cohesion. The passing of powers from one generation to the next took place during great secret ceremonies (ituika).
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