Kivuli chako kwenye kioo  Ni utenzi wangu bora  Lakini fanya haraka unapotea  Ni wa mwisho, nakupenda
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Swahili poem, translated by Nancy Mkojera

Audio Nelly Kamau
Love poeme "la glace" translated into Swahili (souhaéli, kiswahili). Poem for the face of the Tanzanian women, a sunny reflection of an africa that radiates of sweetness. Swahili is spoken by 150 million people in a dozen countries in Africa. It is an essential language in these countries, including: (Congo, Kenya, Comoros, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique). Originally spoken in the coastal areas between Lamu (Kenya) and the southern border of Tanzania, Swahili is used as an intercourse language on a very large area. There are three main dialects: the kiunguja in Zanzibar which is the basis of the standard Swahili, the kimvita in the region of Mombasa, and the kiamu around Lamu. My little poem in Swahili is in the most spoken African language in south Sahara. Unlike many languages ​​in Africa, there are writings for several centuries in Swahili, first in the Arabic alphabet and then in the Latin alphabet. The oldest written document dates from the 18th century. The lexicon makes many borrowings from Arabic (including the word Swahili itself, which comes from an Arabic adjective meaning coastal).

The Swahili are Bantu whose origins go back to the meeting of Arab groups, and members of the former Makwas and Makondés populations. As a result, their system of filiation became patrilineal; The goods being transmitted by agnatic means, and the marriage being accompanied by the dowry.
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