Sukuma love poem

Bhosho bhoko ng'wi lole

Bhobhange lyembo isoga sana

Aho nakamala, ozimela

Lo ng'wisho, "nagotogwile!"

Translated into Kisukuma by Dr Mussa S. Muneja

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Sukuma language

Translation of the poem into Nyantuzu-a sukuma (soukouma, kesukuma, kisukuma). This Bantu language for which there are several dialects, is spoken in Tanzania by 5.5 million speakers.


Tanzania ex Tanganyika associated with Zanzibar has 51 million inhabitants of different ethnic groups. The Sukumas (Sukoumas) are the largest in number, and are found mostly in south and east of Lake Victoria. At the societal level, their regime is matriarchal and like many other African peoples, they live off farming and agriculture. With the Massais, they were often in opposition to try to steal the cattle. You will recognize them by their large white bracelets, their songs, their dances and music.
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