Sanamwe laho hari mwa shido  Tsishindri naka na shaîri ndzuzuri raha na iyo  Fanya haraka yasuzimihe  Iyo de nisuhuvendza yangu ya hwisa.
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Maore poem, translated by Dodo Association SHIME

Love poem in maore (shimaore) the swahili dialect and indigenous language of everyday use in Mayotte. A poem for all maorese. Many associations seek to restore maore, French being the language of education. With 100,000 speakers this Comorian language is almost intercomprehensible with Anjouanese but it is less with great Comorian and Mohelian.

Mayotte consists of 2 Comoros islands and has the status of French department. It has the highest density of French overseas territories. It is a volcanic island, lined with coral buildings, with warm tropical climate, and bearing plantations, of coconut and vanilla trees, that have largely replaced sugar cane.
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