Eo amin'ny fitaratra ilay endrikao  Io no tononkaloko tena tsara mirindra  Ndrao dia ho voafafa fa faingàna ianao  Mba ilazako hoe tiako ianao, farany indrindra.
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Malagasy poem, translated by Nathalie Christiana Rakotomanga & merci à Rousseline

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Little Malagasy poem, in the national language of Madagascar, spoken by more than 20 million speakers. This short Malagasy love poem is in a Malayo Polynesian language, barito orientale, which counts 10% of Bantu origin and diverse. We can see the influence of the various ethnic groups that populate Madagascar in this common language which is the Malagasy. Malagasy consists of about fifteen dialects very close to each other. It presents many correspondences in the basic vocabulary with some Indonesian dialects from the south of Borneo. Lexical comparisons show that it is separated from this Indonesian substratum by about 2000 years. The official language of the Malagasy Republic is based on the dialect of the Merinas, written in Latin alphabet since 1820; It is currently expanding at the expense of local dialects. The Malagasy lexicon shows ancient borrowings to Swahili and especially to Arabic and, more recently to English and especially to French. The consonant system is relatively rich in relation to vocalism, which rests on only 4 vowels.
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