Soga love poem

Ekifananye kyomundabirwamu

Nasingira okuwandiwaka engero

Aye yanguwaku kibulawo

Nekisembayo "nkwenda inho"

Translated into Lusoga & voice Eseza Betty Kafuko

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Soga language

Lusoga (soga, olusoga). A translation into a Bantu language of the Busoga region (Uganda), which has 2.5 million speakers. This language also called soga is spoken between lakes kyoga and victoria, by the Sogas (Basogas) people.

The Basogas

The population of Basogas origin represents the largest community in Uganda. The Sogas are linguistically attached to the Bantu interlacustres. Farmers and ranchers, the matrimonial compensation was done with heads of cattle. Organized on a segmental basis, they were patrilineal and patrilocal. They elaborated a state based on a hereditary complex social stratification (aristocrats, common people, slaves). They have been referred to as a "Bantu bureaucracy".

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