Pichaingung nomi kioit  Ko otindiot ne achame  Kobaten chokyin komabet  Neletu achamin
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nandi poem, translated by Sue

Nandi love poem (Naandi), the kalenjin group language of nandi peoples in Kenya. Nandi poem (kalenjin) a southern nilotic language, attached to the eastern Sudanic languages.

The Nandis are a Nilotic population living in the district of the same name on the Kapsabet side in the western Kenya highlands. They are farmers and livestock breeders. Women perform mostly agricultural work and milking of dairy cows. They are patrilineal and are grouped by segments in localized clans. Marriage, as in many breeders' societies, implies an important matrimonial compensation with livestock. From the political organization, only certain individuals are distinguished by their ritual functions (soothsayers). The Nandis are distributed according to a complex system of age classes of cyclic type.
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