Ilunsi kiaku muna ipelu  Nkendama wama wa mboti mboti  Mani sala kuanga kuanga po buta salama  Kena kimakie suka nzoledi kiawu
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Kiyaka poem, translated by Tsanga

Kiyaka love poem (yaka), the language of the Yaka people from Popokabaka in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Angola. Poetry in the Bantu language yaka of a Congolese girl. 1 million people will understand it.

The Yakas are less numerous than the number of speakers of their language, and are an important part of the inhabitants of Kinshasa. The plastic creation of the Zaire River basin is so abundant and varied that it is customary to study it in groups. We can distinguish several categories: that of the Kongos, which favors human representations, that of the Koubas, where one finds a large quantity of prestige objects, that of the Lunda-Tchokwés, where one finds domestic objects with a tendency of The statuary with portrait..
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