Tetela love poem


Dedi daye lo talatala,

Deko lembo lami loleki dimena,

Koko sala esadi ayodimo,

Ele dimi nkolangaka kami ka nkomelo!

Translated into Otetela by Vasthi

Original version
Poem the mirror

For a Tetela woman

A small love poem in otetela (kitetela, sungu, tetela, kikitatela), the Bantu language of the Tetela people, spoken in the sankuru region, around the basin of the Congo River. The various tetela dialects are generaly inter-comprehensible.

The Batetelas

The Tetelas (Batetelas) about 2 million live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, they say that they are descendants of "Mongo" the common ancestor! The Batetelas are farmers (cassava) who lived in villages lying along a track; Several villages formed a community. Villages and hamlets corresponded respectively to clans and lineages, which were patrilocal and patrilineal. At the local level, authority was vested in a chief surrounded by a council of deans of lineage, capped at the higher level by chiefdoms with important ritual functions. For the arts, the masks, their iron work, and their musicians are recognized.

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