Fang love poem

Nsisim wuia angobete

One ma veañ bi fia

Madjogua boya avoo a chamban

Ane mesugu efia madjing wua

Translated into pahouin by Fabiola
Fang love poem

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Its turban is its trademark

Fang love poem (pahouin, pamue, pangwe), a translation in the language of the Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon. These words in fang are for a really pretty turbaned Cameroonian lady. Its turban is its trademark! 1.2 millions of fangs, distributed in all these countries, speak this Beti Bantu language. The fang includes several dialectal forms, as well as Creoles. This bantu language is closely related to two other languages of Cameroon, Bulu and Ewondo (Yaoundé).

The Fangs

The Fangs or Pahouins are farmers (cocoa, manioc, palm, peanut), they also practice hunting and gathering. Despite a family organization which was based on patrilineal filiation, the application of the birthright, and the existence of several political-religious associations, the fang society was weakly structured.

It's important to note that there is no word in the fang language to designate the chief.

Cameroon is located at the crossroads of Central and Western Africa. This country is considered to be "Africa in miniature", because of its geographical and cultural diversity. There are more than 240 ethnic groups, including the Fangs.

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