Maasai love poem

Mwa into tolakira

Ninye enkatini ai sidai

Naa, kesioyo aimin

Ninye nrsiadi "kaanyor"

Translated into Masai by Peter Kibaki Oletimorit
Audio Peter Kibaki Oletimorit

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Poem the mirror

For a Maasai woman

Maasai love poem, in the language of the Maasai people (maa, masai, massai) mainly in Tanzania and Kenya. An idiom that has several variants and less than 1 million speakers. I found several ways to designate this eastern nilotic language (maasai, maa, masai, masai) and i am very happy to finally have this translation. It has a strong resonance in our unconscious.

The Maasais

The Masais or Massais are a nilotic population, located on both sides of Kenya and Tanzania. Exclusively nomadic pastoralists and warriors, the Masais were circumscribed in reserves since the beginning of the 20th century, and have retained the family as a basic economic unit. They were divided into age class, circumcision marking the entry into the class of warriors. This system of age classes, characteristic of Nilotics, is of a linear type, and its main function is to train warriors to combat and discipline.

They were divided into tribes comprising their own warrior company, located in a district, under the aegis of an elected and revocable warlord, who organized raids against the other Masai tribes or neighboring societies with a view to capture livestock. The Masais were divided into patrilineal totemic clans. Livestock occupied an essential place in their existence, both economic and religious. The inheritance of the livestock was carried out in agnatic line, and the matrimonial compensation was paid with cattle.

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